Thought Leadership To Be The Next Edge

Most organisations focus on the quality of their products or services as a measure of success. This is a reliable and tangible way to track performance. What we tend to lack are lead indicators that can give us an insight on the quality of thinking that goes into creating those products or services. That thinking is often linked to our organisational culture and can show up in the way products and services are created and delivered one to three years down the track from an initial strategy workshop. However, most tools for conducting a health check on the culture of an organisation give little insight to the quality of an organisation’s thought leadership, such as staff satisfaction surveys.

Thought leadership in organisations rests on its ability to manage the creation, access and flow of knowledge. With most organisations trapped in siloed ways of working, it becomes a difficult task to encourage knowledge sharing. Yet wherever you go there are pockets of excellence of talented individuals and teams. Not only does it become a missed opportunity to access, package and share valuable and practical knowledge from these exemplars, often, these are individuals who are passionate about accelerating change and therefore sharing knowledge.
Peer Academy seeks to address these organisational challenges by creating a platform that makes it easier to identify and tap into the talent in your organisation. By creating a platform for talent to showcase their work, facilitate learning and unlock new opportunities for organisations, we seek to accelerate change.
Peer Academy is available for individuals and teams to host a topic of their choice for the wider professional marketplace, therefore increasing capacity across your sector or industry. Whilst also providing an internal organisational platform for colleagues to learn from one another. Join us in changing the way we learn.

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