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interview with a changemaker: onur ekinci of peer academy

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Introducing Onur Ekinci and Peer Academy

Onur Ekinci and Peer Academy are offering Changemakers Festival attendees the first glimpse at their new way of enabling professional development through peer networks. There are 15 Peer Academy pop up session happening throughout the Changemakers Festival! The topics include: Engaging more people in your cause via digital campaigns; Storytelling for change; Co-Design in Government; Innovation, Values, Culture – How to underpin high performance.

Q1: Introduce yourself to the Changemakers Festival audience, please!
A: For the past five years, I’ve dedicated myself to develop as a facilitator. I’m passionate about holding good processes for collaboration. Knowing that the complex challenges of our time require us working together across sectors, I’ve been focused on designing the conditions for wide-scale collaboration.

Q2: Tell us about the Peer Academy events at Changemakers Festival!
A: We’re excited to be launching Peer Academy as part of the Changemakers Festival. Peer Academy is a new and disruptive education model, focusing on 21st century skills and cutting-edge practices for any workplace through peer-to-peer learning.

During this years Changemakers Festival, professionals across sectors will be hosting a number of sessions, ranging from: Getting started: Engaging more people in your cause via digital campaigns; Storytelling for change; Co-Design in Government; Innovation, Values, Culture – How to underpin high performance!

Q3: How did you get on this path? Was there a significant person or event in your life that sparked your desire to work towards social change?

Peer Academy was born from the need for more dynamic, practical and collaborative learning. Founded in Melbourne, the idea behind Peer Academy is supported by a community of professionals across Corporate, Government and Not For Profits who are tired of existing education and training models.

People are really enjoying learning from each other, which is growing collaboration. They’re becoming more activated and immersed in their own learning, and it’s transforming organisations. Additionally, we believe that many education delivery models are not keeping up with the pace of job or career changes. We need a new education paradigm for professional development. One where learning happens on-demand, is low-cost, practical and peer-led.

Q4: What kind of Australia (or world!) do you want to build over the next 20 years?

Imagine a world nestled in a learning culture. Where change is accelerated as a result of sharing skills, tools and knowledge. Where we overcome competition through collaboration. Where we work together to address the complex challenges of our time. We hope Peer Academy can be a vehicle for such change.

Q5: Why are you attending the Changemakers Festival?

The Changemakers Festival is a great time to showcase and celebrate all the amazing things happening across Australia. The Changemakers Festival couldn’t be a better time for us to introduce Peer Academy to the world. We’re excited to help build a movement of 21st century changemakers.

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