Spectrum Academy



Spectrum has been providing dynamic services to culturally and linguistically diverse communities for over 35 years – and our dedicated people have the experience and skills to prove it.

Our diverse workforce of 200+ people bring such a variety of cultural traditions, languages, stories – as well as expertise in case management, settlement services, human resource management, aged care, event facilitation, advocacy, grants, communications, community development, family services and more.


Being such a longstanding service provider to Melbourne’s migrants, we hold a unique position as a thought leader when it comes to culturally diverse communities.

In an era where change is the norm, and the need for cross-sector collaboration has never been greater, it makes sense for Spectrum to share the deep learnings we’ve attained over 35+ years. Our services touch on every aspect of the migrant journey, including not only what we’ve seen through our clients but the individual experiences of our staff – who collectively speak more than 40 languages. We have a lot to share!


In our day-to-day work with clients – from newly arrived families to refugees, migrants and culturally diverse older people – it’s clear that culturally appropriate services in our communities have never been more important. How do we help people with migrant and refugee backgrounds feel at home in Australia? This is what gets us out of bed every morning. This drives our passion – and we want to share this passion.

Professional development for our staff in thought leadership and training facilitation is matched by the benefits of equipping the public with knowledge that will serve them, and culturally diverse communities, well in Australia’s increasingly multicultural future.


The services we specialise in are set to become more relevant in future, with an increased need for countries like Australia to take in people with refugee backgrounds, as well as a generally ageing population (up to 40 per cent of whom are culturally diverse).

Our hope is for the community to start engaging more with our work, our people to engage more with each other’s work, and for all of us to learn from our collective experience and know-how. We believe this is what the present - and the ever-evolving future - demands of us.


Spectrum Academy is for those interested in learning what Spectrum does, why we do it, how we do it. It’s for professionals within and outside the sector wanting to connect with the Spectrum community whether that’s through learning from us, collaborating with us or adding to our network of amazing people.

For anyone curious about innovative ways to work in settlement, refugee services, youth work, aged care and all aspects of the migrant journey, you are welcome to Spectrum Academy!


Stelvio Vido

Chief Executive Officer

“I have high hopes for Spectrum Academy which is our debut into peer learning. The benefits could reach far beyond Spectrum’s people and immediate peers, and promote ‘best practice’ and greater opportunities for creative collaboration across the board. Spectrum Academy is not just for us here and now, but is about building the future of our sector. I hope you will follow us on our journey as we take this exciting next step!”